The Lumiere Project

25 02 2009

This Lumiere movie was made using a G-10 Canon camera at La Madeline in Georgetown. My subject is eating a vanilla and fruit parfait with a spoon. She realizes at the beginning of the movie (as I open with a close-up of her eating with the back of her spoon) that she cannot access the rest of the parfait at the bottom of the cup with her big spoon. So she inverts the spoon and starts eating using the handle. This causes a degree of embarrasment captured using my hand-held camera.

This was the fourth take and hence I have almost no parfait left to work with (it was yummy, I can tell you that!). As the girl finishes eating she explains away her actions in as logical a manner as she could. The problem with audio is that there was much ambient noise that I could not get rid of. The one camera movement that I have is when I pan over to the table to show the viewer that even after explaining her embarrassing need to get every last bit of the parfait, she actually wipes off the spoon handle so that the cleaning crew wouldn’t laugh at her. This camera movement occurs at 0:39 sec.




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